That is at least if you believe Napoleon Bonaparte. He stated that
“war is ninety percent information.”

Security intelligence will help you set priorities, understand risk, assign resources, discover threats and much more.

The ultimate question: how do you make your daily decisions without it?

Our mission
To be THE reference for security intelligence solutions.

Security Intelligence is what we are. It is what we know, it is what we have been doing for many years and it is what we are passionate about. We want to excel at it and aspire to be THE reference within our field.

Therefor everyday we continue to learn until we master Security Intelligence like nobody else.

Our current areas of expertise are:


Vulnerability Management

With thousands of newly discovered vulnerabilities every year, one can easily estimate the size of the challenge when managing an enterprise infrastructure.

Vulnerability intelligence provides in-depth information on the actual security status of your infrastructure. Now you know where your weakest links are and can start fixing them.


Security Information and Event Management

Billions of security events are logged every day. Are they worth it? Yes. Somewhere in there is the little gold nugget to support your next decision.

Security Information and Event Management collects all security event data and enables you through active analysis and correlation to find that missing piece of intelligence you were (not?) looking for.


User Activity Monitoring

The insider threat remains a huge challenge for any organisation. Once people are trusted with access, a whole new risk matrix is added to the equation.

User Activity Monitoring intelligence provides the insight necessary to understand if users adhere to granted privileges and boundaries set by acceptable use policies.

About us

With over 40 years of combined experience in enterprise security solutions and services, the team and founding partners have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people and clients in the industry. Together we accomplished a large number of successful implementations ranging in size from a few thousand clients all the way up to 70000 devices in 80 countries.

If you believe in our focus, experience and values listed below we would love to be part of your next security intelligence initiative:



Do one thing and do it better than anyone else. Security intelligence is what we do, it is ALL we will ever do.



Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. We strive for excellence in everything we do.



If today were the last day of our professional lives, would we want to do what we are about to do? Yes.



We operate in cyberspace. Our challenges, solutions and talent pool are not confined by borders. So neither are we.