The insider threat remains a huge challenge for any organisation. Once people are trusted with access, a whole new risk matrix is added to the equation.

User Activity Monitoring provides the insight necessary to understand if users adhere to granted privileges and boundaries as set by acceptable use policies.

Privileged Account Monitoring

One of the greatest challenges of IT is to prevent privileged users from doing things in systems which are not allowed. While the activity of a web-site visitor is well-limited, the same is not true for an employee and certainly not for a system administrator of the company. The freedom of users grows with their access level – the higher rights they have in IT systems, the more risk they carry for the company.

Regulatory compliance, IT outsourcing as well as advanced cyber-attacks force companies to increase supervision of their privileged users. Implementing a solution to mitigate the risks of privileged activities is one of the toughest jobs for IT leaders today.

Compromised User Detection

Users are the most vulnerable part of the network, as attackers have shifted from brute-force to deception-based attacks targeted at users. These attack methodologies make the attacks harder to detect and allow attackers to remain undiscovered for a longer period of time. Everyday security operations is challenged to detect an attacker’s entry and lateral movement within the network.

And in order to fully contain the breach, security teams also need to know if others were involved. After the incident they need to know about other accounts, assets, endpoints, and cloud services that may have been compromised. This information will empower security operations to quickly investigate and contain the incident.

Cloud Visibility and Control

Despite substantial documented benefits of the cloud, unmanaged cloud adoption is causing CIOs, CISOs, and IT organizations to be concerned about the privacy, security, and compliance of corporate data. While auditing the risk posed by a single cloud service may seem straightforward, how does one quantify the overall risk of hundreds of cloud services being used in different ways by thousands of employees?

Cloud security and risk-management require continuous monitoring and iterative improvements over time. Done right, IT can be an enabler of the cloud and ensure that its adoption creates real business value without introducing an unacceptable level of risk.